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New Writing

A Covidian Cohort: Writing from Dodie Bellamy's 2020 Workshops

A collection of writing from Victoria Gannon,  Glen Helfland, Matt Gordon,  Maize Gilbert,  Sarah Albani, Scott Hewicker,

Linda Bakke, Drew Cushing, Hedi El Kholti and Rebeca 


Essays in Disguise



The Most Harmless Person You Are Ever Going to Meet in Your Life


In the best punk stealth tradition of the glamorous chanteuse slipping you some wisdom, this pocket sized book serves up out sized wisdom in the classic snappy diction of the ever unexpected Jennifer Blowdryer.   First published in an edition of three by The Enthusiast this BentBoyBooks edition is ever so slightly more broadly available.  


The Poetry Project

For Poetry Month April 2014 Drew Cushing sent out a call to writers to adopt his habit/practice of writing in a pocket-sized (CD7) notebook.  The work generated from this response is the Pocket Poetry Project.  Each Pocket Poetry Project BentBoyBook contains representations of the returned artifacts (beautifully hand-written pages) along with the full text and BentBoyBooks’ signature styling.  BentBoyBooks in the Pocket Poetry Project series include:


CUBE TONE by Pam Martin,  This Might End Well After All by Jan Johnson Drantell,  Notes for Drew by David Christensen and Lago de las Dolores by Alvin Orloff, and forthcoming delights from, Ronald Palmer and Ted Rees.

Sexy Gay Fiction

Vassar Boy: Palladium

by Drew Cushing

In good New Narrative tradition, Vassar Boy: Palladium features a character, Drew, and includes uses actual names used fictionally. Palladium is story of Drew and Ford visiting the infamous nightclub of the same name and includes everything you should expect including hot bouncers, drag queens, drugs, sex and more.

Vassar Boy: Palladium is the first release from the novel Vassar Boy. Vassar Boy is a fictional account of life at Vassar College in the 1980s. Specifically the academic year of 1985/1986. Introduced by the author in the first person, the story is then told in the third person. Individual chapters from Vassar Boy will be released over the next couple of years as part of a series from Bent Boy Books.

Prick Queasy: Chapter 7

by Ronald Palmer


Prick Queasy is a project of fiction that follows the character Russ Wade through a journey of psychological decomposing.   Russ Wade covertly films his murders while experiencing a haunting by the 20th Century poet, Hart Crane, who travels from his ocean grave via portal to arrive in Russ Wade’s living room.

The stories of Russ Wade are being serialized in San Francisco Bay Area chapbook series, zines and online reading sites while Prick Queasy awaits a perfectly suitable home with an artistically inspired literary book publisher. UPDATE: Prick Queasy, the novel is now available from Publication Studio.


Like Air 

by Ted Rees

A chapbook of poetry from Oakland based writer/activist Ted Rees, Like Air contains a world of love, loss and the sweet sex of youth. This is a little book with lots of poetry.



Millennial New Narrative


Remembered Men 

by Shane Allison

Adventures in gay life told in exquisite lyrics of love, lust, and loss, Remembered Men is a must read in the post everything period of the forever now. A long poem in the great tradition of American erotic poetry, this a roller coaster ride you in which you’re always getting off but never exiting the ride.




by Aeliana Nicole Boyer (written as Stephen Boyer)

A fantastic ride through the post Millenium world of a polymorphous sex and sensuality, Ghosts is a primer for life in the post Queer era of the aughts and beyond.   A time when doing what you aught not to be doing is just who you aught to be doing.

The Bar Series


Turning a not quite nostalgic eye on the ever evolving or devolving San Francisco scene, BentBoyBooks proudly presents The Bar Series.

Unlike the language sensation of Club Universe, these are conventionally narrative stories with a light touch of genre play and at least the expected amount of sex. These stories are an onoging personal and intimate telling of tales from the City’s gay watering holes

The first two books in The Bar Series, Beau Soir, by SF based David Christensen and NTOUCH by Drew Cushing are still available.

If you like the concept and have the material, propose your own contribution to the series by emailing Drew (AT) BentBoyBooks (DOT) Com with your Bar Story and/or to get your very own copies of BentBoyBooks.

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