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Jennifer Blowdryer started screaming in a punk band called the Blowdryers in 1979, San Francisco. That's where she got her dumb name from, which she prefers to Jennifer Waters, her slave name. After all, anybody can just get born, but keeping a band together and staying raw is an accomplishment. Her first book, Modern English, was a photo illustrated dictionary with chapters on Lounge Lizards, Cholos, and Drugs. In NYC, she started running Smut Fests in a lap dancing parlor in 1988, mixing sex workers with street performers. Her play White Trash Debutante just finished a run at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, and in her latest book, Good Advice for Young Trendy People of all Ages, she hosts a party of the people some call freaks, and you'll like it.


Jan Johnson Drantell was a founding member of Women Poets of the Twin Cities in 1972. Her work appeared in the Women Poets of the Twin Cities, An Anthology and in A Coloring Book of Poems, Vanilla Press, 1976. She earned an MFA at San Francisco State, in fiction with a minor on women and politics in literature, 1998. She studied under Norma Cole, Robert Gluck, and Maxine Chernoff and others. She was also a member in the 1990s of Robert Gluck’s long running private New Narrative writing workshop originally founded at Small Press Traffic in the 1980s. She is the Publisher Emerita of RedWheel/Weiser, LLC.  She is the author of Catch and Release: Selected Poems in Search of a Publisher, exactly that. Her first published chapbooks of poems, This Might End Well After All was recently published by BentBoyBooks.


Pam Martin is a facilitator at NIAD Art Center in Richmond, CA.
Her recent work has been exhibited at: Shadow Office, Oakland, CA; CTRL+SHFT with Cranium Corporation, Oakland, CA; Rocksbox Contemporary Fine Art, Portland, OR.
Recent publications include: REVERSE REHEARSALS, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA; REOPENED CORRESPONDENCE, [2nd floor projects], San Francisco, CA.
She lives in Woodacre, CA.

Alvin Orloff is the author of three novels, I Married an Earthling, Gutter Boys, and Why Aren’t You Smiling? His writing has been described as “quirky,” “adorable,” and “hilarious” by reviewers, a few of whom didn’t even owe him favors. He lives in San Francisco’s über-trendy Mission District and is working on a memoir of the plague years that he promises will not be depressing.

David Christensen lives in San Francisco and has been famous for 16 minutes. His work I HOPE THEY CALL ME ON A MISSION was online at Marjorie Wood Gallery.

Ronald Palmer is the author of Logicalogics (soft skull press). His author links can be found at His
He lives in the Richmond District of San Francisco with his partner, Kevin Rolston.

Ted Rees is a writer and activist who lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. His work can be found in Ragtag, The Swan’s Rag, TRY, One Ded Cow, Perfect Wave, Haters & Perpetrators, as well as 2011′s Best Gay Erotica from Cleis Press, eds. Kevin Killian and Richard Labonte. Several other chapbooks are forthcoming.

Shane Allison has authored six chapbook collections of poetry including Ceiling of Mirrors, Black Fag, Cock and Balls, I Want to Fuck a Redneck, I Want to Eat Chinese Food Off Your Ass and Eros in a Tearoom. His first volume of poetry, Slut Machine is available from Queer Mojo. He edits gay erotic fiction anthologies for Cleis PressRebel Satori Press and Bold Stroke Books. His erotic fiction has been published in Velvet Mafia, Las Vegas Noir, Best Black Gay Erotica, Best Gay Bondage and five editions of Best Gay Erotica. He is at work on a new collection of poetry and a sex memoir. He would like to thank Drew Cushing and BentBoyBooks for giving his work a home.

Aeliana Nicole Boyer is a writer living in New York. They've displayed work online at youtube, facebook, Dennis Cooper’s Blog, fineline internet, defiant productions, friendster, myspace, dlist, tom ropes mcgurk, daddy howard, twitter, yelp, minorprogression, kink, xpeeps, bourgeois problems, Marjorie Wood Gallery; at the David Cunningham gallery, 2nd Floor Projects, the Mix Festival, Poets Theater; and they've been published in the anthologies “Cool Thing: Best New Gay Fiction” and “Madder Love: Queer Men and the Precincts of Surrealism”under the name Stephen Boyer. Currently they are patiently awaiting the apocalypse.

BentBoyBooks is proud to share Aeliana Nicole Boyer's  (then known as Stephen Boyer) fashion triumph in London’s Fashion week October 2011.

This past London Fashion Week I dipped my toes into the fashion world as part of Ziad Ghanem’s show at the Freemason’s Hall, copies of my book GHOSTS were on every seat of the front row for all the fabulous glitterati to get their hands on as I werrrrked the runway. I feel so blessed to have been part of Ghanem’s show. His shows are so much more than fashion, they incorporate theatricality, performance and now poetry… 


Please contact us to discover their amazing book Ghosts.

Emily Wilson is a writer and visual artist living and working in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Drew Cushing’s writing has a delicious way of disturbing others. The bastard son of New Narrative and Language Poetry, his writing has appeared in ZYZZYVA, Cathay, 580 Split,” Laundry Pen. His work BELL BOOK AND SCANDAL had been online at Marjorie Wood Gallery. When not in San Francisco he can often be found in Norfolk, CT.

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