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Not since New Narrative shook up the city and gave voice to a particular San Francisco style has writing been this much fun. Home of the brave and ever so slightly depraved, BentBoyBooks are where language meets pleasure and pleasure becomes an artful purpose all its own.

BentBoyBooks publishes small books, single poems and other publications designed and produced by the BentBoys of San Francisco and Connecticut. BentBoyBooks bend genre, narrative and form to suit the particular and perfect taste of the BentBoyBooks editor and founder, Drew Cushing. BentBoyBooks are distributed in secret and mysterious ways to a select audience of glitterati, literati and denizens of the night (especially the night club).

This tiny erratic effort at publishing and shameless self promotion is the child of Drew Cushing, an obscure San Francisco experimental writer whose writing combines his love of Sex, San Francisco, and language.

BentBoyBooks are built by Drew & Ralph in their Alamo Square apartment and their Norfolk, Connecticut home.

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